WINNER! - Macabre Fair Film Fest New York


"Best Music Video"


"Spun malevolently through the acoustic-nursery-goth of the song “Teddy”, Dr Glam presents his dark-and-dangerous alter-ego, Thaddius Grime. Thaddius and his evil Koala bear, Teddy, are a loathsome conspiratorial duo who survive by feasting on the flesh of children. When darkness falls in the remote wilderness areas of Australasia, Thaddius and Teddy are attracted to the lights of isolated homesteads, entrapping their prey through a plan that is both sickeningly devious and abhorrently cunning. The current victim of the devilish pair - a troubled boy frozen by fear - can only watch in abject horror as his loving mother unwittingly leaves him to the not-so-tender clutches of his worst nightmare-come-true. Look out . . . because TEDDY IS HUNGRY TONIGHT!


Music and Lyrics by Dr. Glam


Directed by Bernie Rao




"Unstable Cliffs"



(Original tittle: "Arribas Instáveis")

(Portugal, 2012)


in order to impress a misterious female drummer, Nelson sells his electronic drum kit and gets an acoustic drum kit. But that decision is about to create tension in his current band...



A short film by Bernie Rao




With Nelson Rocha, Sandra Marques and Rodrigo Velez.






"Sunshine's Pajama Party "

(New Zealand, 2012)


WINNER - Mothra Awards


"Best Video"  "Best Cinematography"


This short was shot with in a couple of days using the 5d mkII and some old nikkor lenses.


Arnold wakes up with a headache in a farm. He soon realizes that he went there for a Pajama Party that went very wrong. All he wants now is a Panadol to get some pain relief. But that Panadol is coming with a price...


vvI used some Magnifico songs in the short. Magnifico is one of the most creative and talented singer/songwriters in Europe. He has been a great influence on my work.



Written and Directed by Bernardo Rao Vieira

Produced by Helena M Halley










(New Zealand, 2013)




Now that same sex marriage is legal in New Zealand, Fletcher asks Mitchel to marry him. But Mitchel thinks they're not ready for that big step. An encounter with a crazy and mysterious man selling flowers will change their life forever. It will finally put them on the same boat once and for all.


CAST: Alasdair Johnston, Chris Jacobs, Murray Davidson, Ian Chapman, Teddy.





Written and Directed by Bernardo Rao Vieira

Produced by Helena M Halley









(Macau, 2014)



Ever since Ina met her drug dealer boyfriend Ah Chong, her life has turned upside down. Not only did she become aware of the hidden hands behind everything, but she also realizes the dark side of her father, who is now a stranger to her. Overwhelmed by the sudden realization, Ina starts questioning her own existence.




CAST: Lao  I Lum, Lee Ka Wai, Doug Kin-tak Chan.



Written by Bernardo Rao

Directed by Antonio Faria

Produced by Albert Chu and Denise Lau