The Baldlands (2014) Black Comedy/Drama - 1h 30m After an unfortunate accident where a bald man accidentally burns his most precious asset, his wig, he has no choice but to go on a journey to find the mystical Baldlands. But the Hair Patrol is on his tail... The Baldlands is a New Zealand production and is currently in post-production. MIDNIGHT SHEPHERD and ICON DIGITAL present MURRAY DAVIDSON JOHN MACNAMARA CHRIS JACOBS ‘THE BALDLANDS’ and ALASDAIR JOHNSTON with DANIELLE VAN DER LINDE and KIMBERLY BUCHAN casting By BARBARA POWER music by MATADOR & GANG LTD editor PAULO LOURENCE director of photography BERNIE RAO co-producers EMANUEL AG HELENA HALLEY executive producer JOANA ESPIRITO SANTO produced, written and directed by BERNIE RAO
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