For the past ten years I have been following my passion as a career, and it has taken me around the world to places I have felt privileged to have seen. I have filmed, directed and edited feature films, short films and documentaries in Lisbon, Macau (China) and New Zealand.


Over the past four years I have become interested in the low budget film look that DSLR cameras such as the Canon 5DmkII and Canon 7D can produce. Please visit my VIMEO channel to see just how beautiful the footage from these cameras can appear. I have used DSLRs, particularly the Canon 5d MKII and 7D, on all sorts of projects from music videos to commercials and my recent feature film project.


I developed my passion for filmmaking after enrolling in the Cinema and Theatre School of Lisbon, where I studied Film for 3 years. Some of the papers I had were dramaturgy, film theory, script writing, editing, distribution, production, photography and sound design. My university degree provided me with an invaluable learning experience.  It taught me to think about cinema in ways I could never have done If I only had the practical know-how. I had master classes with renowned Portuguese, European, American and worldwide filmmakers and cinematographers. Amongst them were: Eduardo Serra - cinematographer (Blood Diamond, Girl with a Pearl Earring, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows), Pedro Costa – film director (Ossos), Carol Littleton - editor (E.T., The Big Chill, The Manchurian Candidate), John Bailey A.S.C. - cinematographer (Groundhog Day, As Good as It Gets, The Big Chill).


After leaving university I started working as a professional screenwriter and sound recordist for television. Then screenwriting lead to editing (soap operas and sit-coms) and finally to producing and directing my own movies. Over the years I shot around 15 short films, music videos, documentaries, corporate videos, a web series, and most recently  a feature film.


It was my passion for filmmaking that first brought me to New Zealand in 2006. I wanted to visit Park Road Studios on Wellington. I fell in love with the country and the culture (and my partner) so I stayed there.